Patient Support

Having a diagnosis of cancer, going through the treatments for it, and living with the diagnosis afterwards can clearly have a major impact on a patient and their carers, friends and family. There are various options available to help provide support.

Within the oncology department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital are oncology consultants and other grades of doctor, the palliative care team, nurse specialists, chemotherapy nurses, ward nurses, radiographers (deliver the radiotherapy), clinical trials nurses, psychologist and genetics experts who can all help to provide advice and support. In the Cove building, supported by Macmillan and located next to the Sunrise Centre, there is a wealth of information available and support for people affected by cancer, as well as a café to relax in.

Once a treatment is completed, there will usually be a number of follow up appointments, to provide further support and review of the patient. This will run alongside the community care provided by general practitioners. The palliative care team can also help to provide support in the community.